Cobra DigiCart Expert Set

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Function and Applications
In addition to two Carts with integrated Sensors this set contains the track and the full equipment to perform 12 experiments with the cart. Data is transmitted wireless by Bluetooth 4. Usable with tablets in Combination with the free PHYWE DigiCart APP.

The DigiCart is a portable and easy to use physics LAB
Perform experiments to many topics in Dynamics:
Theory of Movement
Newtons Laws
Movement on incline plane
Elastic/Inelastic Collisions
Energy Conservation
Electromagnetic Damping
Oscilations and Resonanz
Learn about the fundamental physical concepts of velocity, momentum, force, acceleration and energy.
Integrated Sensors measure:
Low Friction wheels for high quality measurements.
Equipment and Technical Data

Force Measurement:
Range: 10 N/50 N
Resolution: 0,01 N/0,03 N
Frequency: 1000 Hz/5000 Hz
Velocity and position Measurement:
Range: 3 m/s
Resolution (velocity): 0,001 m/s
Frequency: 800Hz
Resolution (position): 0,1 mm
Range: 16 g
Resolution: 0,01 g
Rechargeable Li-Batterie
Highth adjustable 1,2m track
Adjustable Vibrationgenerator with Digital Display
Electromagnetic Damping equipment
Elektromagnetic Starter
Equipment for 12 different experiments

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