Cobra SMARTexperiment – Archimedes’ princip

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The Archimedes’ principle: The static buoyancy of a body in a medium is as great as the weight of the medium displaced by the body.


All-in-one experiment – no lengthy setup, no interface necessary
Includes all components and sensors necessary for measurement
Stable tripod material
free measurement software measureAPP
In three steps to the result:
remove from the cupboard
insert sensor and switch on
fast and intuitive measurement
Equipment and Technical Data

Included sensors:
2 Cobra SMARTsense Force & Acceleration (12943-00)
set floating bodies with magnetic adapter: stainless steel, brass, beech wood
Dimensions (mm): 150 x 200 x 500
Weight: approx. 2.15 kg

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Varenr. PY-12971

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