Student set Environment and outdoors digital, TESS advanced Biology

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Function and Applications

This set of datalogging devices is ideally suited to shared-work experiments with school groups for outdoor measurements of ecological data and works with mobile devices (iOS and Android).


Whether in the classroom, outdoors or on project days: in this robust aluminium case, you will always find the right device for carrying out fascinating experiments with school groups.
Up to 4 groups can work on and investigate interesting topics in parallel.
Works with all iOS and Android devices
Download free app from Apple App Store or Google PlayStore
Students can evaluate the data at home, as a homework assignment.
This device is also ideal for use e.g. in the context of a school hiking day: here, a topographic profile can easily be produced with the weather sensor. In geography lessons, the data can be evaluated and interpreted together. If the height is then set against the temperature, humidity relative to the path, or temperature relative to the time of day, great discoveries can be made, which are both practical and fun.
Equipment and Technical Data

Robust aluminium case
1 x Cobra SMARTsense – Relative Humidity, 0 … 100 %
1 x Cobra SMARTsense – pH, 0 … 14
1 x Cobra SMARTsense – Conductivity, 0 … 20000 µS/cm
1 x Cobra SMARTsense – Temperature, – 40 … 120 °C
1 x Cobra SMARTsense – Absolute Pressure, 20…400 kPa
1 x Cobra SMARTsense – Light, 1 … 128 kLX
1 x Cobra SMARTsense – Colorimeter for the measurement of turbidity, 0 … 100 %
1 x pH electrode, plastic, gel-filled
1 x 100 red pH 4 buffer tablets
1 x 100 green pH 10 buffer tablets
5 x 20 ml calibration solution for conductivity electrode
2 x protective case for pH and conductivity electrodes
1 x 120 labels
4 x 100 ml square flange (HDPE)
2 x 250 ml PP laboratory beaker

Required Accessories

Button Cell CR2032, 3V (2 pieces) 07922-17

Optional accessories

TESS advanced Environment and Outdoors optional accessories for 10 groups 13445-88D

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