Student set Human and Electrophysiology digital, TESS advanced Applied Sciences

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Function and Applications

Equipment set allowing the performance of 9 experiments about the following topics:

Electrophysiology of the heart (3 Experiments)
Blood circulation (1 Experiments)
Skin temperature (1 Experiment)
Lung function, lung volume (3 Experiments)
Lung diseases (1 Experiment)
In 9 experiments the Cobra SMARTsense EKG, Pulse, Temperature and Spirometer sensors are used in combination with tablets (iOS and Android) and smartphones (Android).


For datalogging with mobile devices
Perfectly matched to digital science lessons with tablets (iOS and Android) and smartphones (Android)
Faster and higher learning success: The use of digital devices increases the identification and thus increases the motivation of the studentsFor datalogging with tablets
Complete equipment set: simple execution of the experiments
Simple to operate (plug & measure), thus also suitable for middle schools
Equipment and Technical Data

The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments
Stable, stackable storage box with device-molded, molded foam insert
Cobra SMARTsense EKG: Measuring range: 0 … 4.5 mV, resolution: 4.5 μV, sampling rate: 1000 Hz
Cobra SMARTsense Pulse: Measuring range: 30 … 200 bmp, resolution: 1 bpm, sampling rate: 10 Hz
Cobra SMARTsense Temperature: Measuring range: -40 … 120 ° C, resolution: 0.01 ° C, sampling rate: 10 Hz
Cobra SMARTsense spirometer: Measuring range: +/- 10 l / s, resolution: 0.05 l / s, sampling rate: 10 Hz
Blood pressure measurement combination

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