Pulssensor, øreclip

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Function and Applications
All-in-One Sensor for wireless data acquisition via Bluetooth 4. Suitable for tablets (iOS and Android) and smartphones (Android) in combination with the free App PHYWE measure.

Measure the heart rate. This can be used to conduct various student experiments in the field of human and electrophysiology.


All-in-One device, no interface needed
Plug & Play: Just switch on and start to measure
Latest technology: Bluetooth 4
Perfectly tuned to PHYWE student experiments
Automatic sensor recognition
Excellent price-performance ratio
Equipment and Technical Data

Range: 30 … 200 bpm
Resolution: 1 bpm
Samplerate: 10 Hz
Including ear clip

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Varenr.: PY-12935

Synonymer: Cobra SMARTsense – Pulse, 30 … 200 bpm (Bluetooth + USB)

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