COBRA measureAPP (gratis)

Simple. Mobile. Measuring.
PHYWE measureAPP is THE app for simple and fast data logging in your digital natural science lessons. In combination with our Cobra SMARTsense sensors we offer you an intuitive, simple and modern overall solution that leaves nothing to be desired.
What is the noise level in the classroom? How do weather conditions change during the day? How much electricity does a generator produce? Answers to these and many more questions are contained in the more than 100 stored experiment descriptions that you can do with the Cobra SMARTsense sensors and the PHYWE measureAPP.

Simplicity – Quick and intuitive measuring (just 2 clicks for data recording)
User-friendliness – Simple and intuitive handling of the app through user-oriented design and the consideration of standardized principles and guidelines
Connectivity – Wireless data exchange and connection of Cobra SMARTsense sensors via Bluetooth and USB
Visualization – Graphical, digital and analog visualization of measurement data
Individualization – Create individual notes, photos or videos to document the measurement results
Interoperability – Easy exchange of measurement results with other users on a file basis
Completeness – Find and open more than 100 experiment descriptions directly in the app
Standard compliance – Use of open and established standards (H5P)
Multilingualism – App is available in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Russian)
Platform independence – Availability of the app for all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) and end devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop PC)
Technical requirements

Apple iPad / iPhone (iOS 12.0 and above) or Android Tablet / Smartphone (Android 6.0 and above) or Windows (Version 10)
Active Bluetooth connection
App authorization for camera / video / audio / GPS when using the corresponding function


Varenr. PY-14581

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  • iOS: The iOS version of measureAPP can be found here
  • Android: The Android version of measureAPP can be found here
  • Windows: The Windows version of measureAPP can be found at here