Cobra4 Xpert-Link datalogger

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Datalogger interface til high end forsøg, hvor fx målefrekvensen skal være ekstra høj.
(kræver MeasureLab software, der medfølger i skolelicens udgave).

Function and Applications

The Cobra4 Xpert-Link is the perfect measurement device for all demo experiments and for lab courses.


measurement instrument for all types of measurements
direct measurement of voltage and current, no additional accessories required
Datasharing in demo experiments: transfer of measurement data from teacher computer to student tablets
Students can use their own computers in the teaching lab
many additional quantities can be measured with Cobra4 Sensor-Units from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and applied sciences
can be used as a digital oscilloscope
automatic sensor recognition
the 4 voltage and current channels measure independently
high resolution at large measurement range
long-term measurements possible: data amount only limited by size of computer RAM
Equipment and Technical Data

includes: Cobra4 Xpert-Link, USB cable
2 current inputs: galvanically isolated, TrueRMS, 2 MHz, 50 kHz live, 14 bit, 0.2 μA … 10 A, with self-resetting fuse or standard replacement fuse, respectively
2 voltage inputs: galvanically isolated, TrueRMS, 10 MHz, 50 kHz live, 10 μV … 30 V, AC/DC switch in oscilloscope mode
sampling rate: max. 10 MHz with two voltage channels (2xU), max. 2 MHz in combination with current channels (e.g. 2xU, 2xI)
pretrigger: variable number of points per channel, burst memory (above 50 kHz): 2 million measurement values
2 trigger inputs: separate start / stop of measurements (TTL level)
power supply: 5 V / max. 2 A, e.g. for 2 light barriers
software-controlled relay 30 V / 2 A
connection of 2 Cobra4 Xpert-Connect adapters
USB 2.0 connection to computer
power supply integrated, connection voltage: 100 … 240 V AC, 50 … 60 Hz
power consumption: 28 VA
dimensions (length x width x height): 194 mm x 140 mm x 130 mm
weight: 2 kg

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